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Ultrasonic Cavitation, Laser Lipo and radio-frequency therapy are the latest body shaping and contouring technologies. Patients can contour and shape their body with less pain and time than ever before with our body sculpting services , which combines radio-frequency and ultrasound technology to heat the tissue and create a lymphatic drainage massage, all in a single treatment.

Ultrasonic Cavitation allows for the disruption of cellular membranes in fat cells. It promotes body contouring, slimming, and weight loss. With cavitation, a significant number of fat cells can be destroyed at once, so the treatment is highly effective and its results are visible after just one session. Patients can immediately see a reduction in the size of fatty areas, such as the thighs or stomach, and will notice even greater cumulative effects as they return for more cavitation treatments over the following weeks.

Radio-Frequency Therapy (RF) is a common non-invasive aesthetic procedure that uses a high-frequency alternating current to heat tissue in the dermis to increase collagen, which consequently decreases skin laxity and photoaging.As we get older, our bodies produce less and less collagen.  Collagen is an essential protein for the skin and is the driving force behind skin becoming firmer, smoother, thicker, and more youthful. Radio-frequency therapy reverses signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by inducing tissue remodeling and replenishing depleted collagen.

 Lipolaser is considered to be one of the safest body shaping procedures available today, as it stimulates the natural release of excess fat in the body without destroying or structurally altering adipose tissue and other nearby organs. This unique body sculpting machine performs procedures for fat removal, body shaping, and cellulite, 100% non-invasively. This is based on the application of laser energy safely (and painlessly) at very precise wavelengths and strengths, targeting areas like the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips and arms.

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