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Sexual Health & Counseling 

At COPE PT we strive to create a safe space where we provide sexual health services and counseling to focus on your  individualized goals and development of realistic action plans together. Through comprehensive conversation, assessment, education, and  the support of a sex positive professional , you can heal your sexual health concerns to create greater sexual fulfillment in your life. Common sexual health concerns:

Sex Counseling

Low libido/  Desire
Orgasm Difficulty/  Anorgasmia
Post medical/ Surgical Sexual Issues
Self/ Body Image Concerns  
Peri/ Post -Menopause sexual Health 
Sexual Orientation Identity and Sexuality
Vaginal/ Vulvar Pain

Penile/ Testicular Pain

Cancer Survivorship Sexual Health 

Vaginal Dryness 

Sex Education 
Pre-Marital Sexual Counseling

Sexual Position Modification

Painful Sex 

Sexual Trauma ( referral determined post initial assessment)
Post Phalloplasty Rehabilitation

Post Neovaginoplasty Rehabilitation

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